Molly Donovan focuses on defending clients in worldwide investigations, served as the global defense coordinator in cartel cases involving multiple parallel investigations and private actions, and represented companies and individuals in criminal proceedings by the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division.

Having more than 15 years’ experience, Mrs. Donovan has defended clients in private civil actions alleging price-fixing, no-poach agreements, bid-rigging, group boycotts, hub-and-spoke conspiracies, market allocation and other competition-related claims in multidistrict class actions, as well as in actions brought by individual purchasers and rivals. Mrs. Donovan displays an outside-the-box to achieve the “win” mentaility—whatever that means to each client in terms of cost, business goals, reputation, risk tolerance, appetite to fight, or need for a favorable resolution with as little disruption to business and human lives as possible.

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