Lori A. Loo focuses exclusively on the area of family law (divorce, custody and parentage actions).  She has 30 years of experience as an attorney, including 20 years of experience in top family law firms of which she became a partner.   During the last ten years, Lori has practiced in her own law firm where she continues to handle complex family law matters, from uncontested/mediated resolutions to highly contested and litigated matters.

Ms. Loo has represented celebrity clients, clients of high net worth and clients of more modest wealth.   She represents higher income spouses and the spouses in need of support; and mothers and fathers.  Depending upon the individual factors of the case, Ms. Loo will build a legal team best situated to represent the client.  Whether a case called for individual legal consultation, rigorous negotiation or high stakes litigation, Ms. Loo has helped clients reach resolution of their legal issues.  She knows that the issues in a family law case may involve the most compelling issues that the client has ever faced.

Ms. Loo keeps a relatively small caseload so that she is able to devote substantial time and attention to all of her clients.

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