Mr. Jirachocksubsin specializes in corporate and commercial, fintech and real estate law.

Mr. Jirachocksubsin has represented several prolific fintech companies and real estate developers, and advises clients on new laws and regulations, including privacy and data protection, Fintech, and cybersecurity. He also has significant experience in dealing with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in addition to larger corporations.

Mr. Jirachocksubsin holds a Master of Laws, with a Certification in Technology Law, from the University of California Berkley School of Law, and holds numerous other certificates related to property, finance, blockchain and technology.

Also, he is a member of the Lawyer’s Council of Thailand and an Extraordinary Member of the Thai Bar Association. In addition, he is a Notarial Services Attorney. Furthermore, he is a member of the Young Executive Chonburi (YEC) and the Valuer Association of Thailand (VAT).

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