Jelena Milinović focuses on criminal law. In particular, she advises clients in criminal investigations and criminal proceedings, proceedings involving administrative fines, misdemeanors, and other penalties. She also advises clients facing exposure to civil and criminal liability and represents clients and companies that have been the victims of criminal behaviors.

In addition, she provides support to companies when criminal offenses have been committed by employees or third parties. She represents clients in civil and administrative litigation involving disputes between companies and claims for damages. Her clients include banks, multinational companies, and their decision-makers.

Ms. Milinović has over 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of criminal proceedings and criminal, corporate, commercial, tax, and environmental law.

Prior to joining JPM, Ms. Milinović served for 16 years as judge composed of 10 years in the criminal law field and 6 years in the civil law field.

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