Javier Canosa, partner at Canosa Abogados, focuses on corporate, banking, M&A, real estate, and tax matters. As to corporate matters, Mr. Canosa’s experience includes investment vehicles, corporate structure, corporate management, directors’ and trustees’ duties and responsibilities, audits, risk detection and distribution, policies, and corporate contracts, together with the design and implementation of a suitable corporate structure for each business. He also advises many wealthy families in connection with the management, taxation and transfer of their assets. Mr. Canosa also represents clients before local and international arbitral courts.

Mr. Canosa’s clients include both national and foreign companies, wealthy families, and high-net-worth investors.

Mr. Canosa collaborates with the World Bank and International Finance Corporation with their Doing Business report, and has been engaged as a speaking at World Bank, STEP, IBA, ABA conferences on topics related to his practice.


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