Jarod M. Bona focuses the drafting process of the Regulatory Framework of Electronic Communications Networks and Services (i.e. the Framework, Authorization, Access and Interconnection Directives, User’s Right’s Directive, Data Protection Directive and Unbundled Local Loop Regulation).

Having more than 20 years’ experience, Mr. Bona has represented national and global clients in a wide variety of antitrust and competition matters, including issues arising from intellectual property disputes, agreements among competitors (i.e. price fixing, bid rigging, market allocation, and group boycotts), exclusionary conduct (i.e. loyalty discounts, bundling, exclusive dealing, refusal-to-deal), mergers and acquisitions, and government investigations. Mr. Bona has also developed global antitrust policies for international trade associations and corporations and has advised standard-setting organizations on antitrust and competition issues. He has also regularly advised companies at all points in the supply chain on antitrust and distribution issues.

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