James Raza Lawrence focuses on financial regulatory work and litigation, particularly in relation to emerging industries and technologies. He has many years of experience advising businesses on navigating local, state, and federal financial laws and regulations, and internal and governmental (including FTC, SEC, and DOJ) investigations relating to alleged financial malfeasance. He has advised many clients on compliance with banking laws and regulations, including the federal Bank Secrecy Act, and guidance from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Mr. Lawrence has substantial experience representing clients in all phases of financial civil litigation, in state and federal courts, including in numerous securities fraud, class action, and shareholder derivative lawsuits. He has also represented clients in many white-collar criminal cases involving allegations of money laundering, conspiracy, tax evasion, and fraud, and in numerous asset forfeiture proceedings in state and federal courts.

Mr. Lawrence has deep experience relating to the legalized cannabis and psychedelics industries. Mr. Lawrence is widely recognized as a leading voice in plant medicine law. He has many years of experience advising plant medicine businesses on navigating local, state, and federal laws and regulations, mergers and acquisitions, licensing deals, intellectual property, employment matters, internal and governmental investigations, and succeeding in our dynamic global economy.

Mr. Lawrence has taught continuing legal education courses and published articles on a wide variety of financial and regulatory topics. Prior to entering private practice, he clerked for the Honorable Morris Sheppard Arnold of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

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