Dr. Edgar Castro focuses on tax planning and compliance; tax and anti-corruption disputes and internal investigations; and offshore asset recovery. He has managed some of Argentina’s largest and most complex tax and criminal litigation. Dr. Castro has also handled internal corporate investigations corporate fraud; local criminal statutes; and the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, the OECD Convention, and the U.K. Bribery Act. Finally, Dr. Castro foreign corporations and individuals in the recovery of offshore assets related to high-profile crimes, including the recovery of assets derived from corporate frauds in the Bernie Maddof case, among other high-profile transnational economic crimes.

Dr. Castro represents multinational corporations, NGOs, foreign embassies, and wealthy individuals.

Dr. Castro was a special advisor of the upper house of the National Congress of Argentina (1983-1988) on topics of public law and international relations.

Dr. Castro is listed with the British Embassy in Buenos Aires for U.K. citizens seeking for legal advice and representation in Argentina.

Dr. Castro is a special advisor and member of local British NGOs (e.g. British Counsel, Society of British and Argentine Lawyers, member of the Board Ranelagh Golf Club S.A.).


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