Daniela Antão focuses on consumer law, technology, fintech, and telecommunications, media and content and regulation, competition, and union law.

As well as her practice with BIND, Ms. Antão is counsel for Portugal Towerhouse LLP – London, since 2015, law and consultancy firm serving the regulated sectors of the economy, notably electronic communications, post, health care, transport & aviation, water, energy. She also acts as external counsel for Cruz Vilaça Advogados where she advises on European Union Law, Competition Law and Protection of Fundamental Rights.

Ms. Antão is also the Regulatory Director and Senior Privacy Officer of GII – Global Intelligence Insight (February2020 – Present) – a London-based cyber intelligence start-up specialized in business intelligence, counter terrorism and cyber warfare, social network analysis, statistical and mathematical analysis of behavioral patterns.

She was previously the Secretary-General for APRITEL – Association of Electronic Communications Operators – the national sector-specific trade association whose members include Vodafone, British Telecom, Verizon, and has held other notable consultancy roles throughout her practice.

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