Mr. Barclay specializes in corporate law and international practice, energy transactions, emerging companies, and venture capital. His varied practices include start-up business counseling and financing, joint ventures, mergers and corporate and asset acquisitions, project development, project restructuring, project finance, private equity, and venture capital investing.

Mr. Barclay has guided energy companies through initial public offerings in the US and guided US energy companies through IPOs in Canada. He also possesses experience with fossil fuel technologies, energy efficiency, and metering products and services; compressed air, pumped hydro, and other energy storage technologies and projects.

He has appeared before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the energy regulatory agencies of more than 30 States. As a project finance banker and as an attorney, he has advised developers, lenders and investors from Canada, China Korea, Pakistan, Siberia, Romania, Mexico, Chile and the Dominican Republic.

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